Romy Cahyadi
Chief Executive Officer, UnLtd Indonesia

Romy is Chief Executive Officer of UnLtd Indonesia, the first and only incubator for social enterprises in Indonesia. UnLtd Indonesia has supported 28 social enterprises in the past 3 years, reaching out to communities in 10 different provinces in the country. Starting July 2017, the incubator will annually support 50 social enterprises.
UnLtd Indonesia recently launched ARISE (Awaken and Rediscover Indonesian Social Enterprises), an inaugural festival for showcasing contemporary social enterprise development in the country.

Last year UnLtd Indonesia co-hosted ASEAN Conference on Social Entrepreneurship with Singapore International Foundation and ASEAN Foundation. It is actively involved in connection building with other players e.g. through Asia Network of Young Social Entrepreneurs in Seoul, Korea in the past 3 years.

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