Breakout Series 4: Faith-Based Organisations and Venture Philanthropy

25-May-2016 Return to conference program

1:45pm to 3:15pm

Room Z211


Christy Davis
Executive Director, Asia P3 Hub
World Vision International


Yuk Lynn Woo Chen
Seeds Foundation
Jeby Cherian
Isha Leadership Academy
Vijaye Bawri
Director - Finance & Member - Governing Body
Assam Don Bosco University
Session Description

Who we are as human beings includes not only physical and social dimensions, but the spiritual as well.  Worldwide, more than eight in ten people identify with a religious group (Pew Forum study 2012*).  A wide range of faith-based organizations (FBOs) significantly engage in humanitarian and development work.

Faith-based organizations have particular characteristics that provide both tangible and intangible benefits in specific contexts.  There is a role for faith.  Secular funders don’t need to talk about faith perspectives, but recognizing the importance this plays in development issues can strengthen development interventions and sustainability of solutions.  Greater understanding on how faith acts as a powerful influence for transformational change, and the exponential value of partnerships between faith-based and secular organizations can open doors for successful collaboration.

Join us as we explore the role FBOs play in social development, and keys for successful collaboration between faith-based and secular organizations.

Key Takeaways for Audience
  • As human beings, we are physical, social and spiritual.  If we want to do development and humanitarian work well, we need to include the complex but critically important spiritual dimension as well.
  • There is a need to engage with faith leaders and communities, and to explore both the opportunities and challenges which may present themselves at international, national and local levels.  Faith-based leaders and organizations are important stakeholders in the development context.
  • Consider several examples of engaging with faith perspectives in development work and why this is so important for mutual respect and transformational outcomes, with recommendations for successful collaboration between faith-based and secular organizations.


*** Session Report – BR4.2: Faith-based Organizations & Venture Philanthropy (Click to download)