Breakout Series 4: Building Sustainable Social Ventures: Incubation, Investing and Partnerships

25-May-2016 Return to conference program

1:45pm to 3:15pm

Room Z209


Jonathan Tan
Assistant Head for Social Finance, Strategy & Research
RAISE Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise


Wonyoung Kim
Executive Director
Crevisse Partners
Patsian Low
Director, Asia Policy Forum
Krisztina Tora
Market Development Director
Global Steering Group
Anthony Wong
Business Director, Policy Research and Advocacy
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Stefan Maard
Managing Director
DIVA Ventures L3C
Session Description

Social investors can choose different models to build sustainable social ventures. For one, incubators can provide support to start-ups – not just through mentors but also through peers. Yet, often investors feel that they provide mentorship, coaching and co-working spaces but do not engage in conventional incubation. Instead, these investors see themselves as partners. And partnerships – with investors but also with businesses and government – are critical to enable sustainability of social ventures and affect systemic change.

This session will bring together industry experts from Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Denmark and the UK to zoom in on social investment services in different forms of incubation and partnership to help social enterprises become sustainable.

Key Takeaways for Audience
The session aims to get a handle on the following questions:
  • What are the different forms of support that social incubators provide, and how does it contribute towards building a sustainable venture?
  • What are some key challenges faced by social ventures and social incubators?
  • How is the incubation space evolving, and what new trends are we observing?

*** Session Report – BR4.5: Building Sustainable Social Ventures: Incubation, Investing and Partnerships (Click to download)