Breakout Series 3: Climate Finance

25-May-2016 Return to conference program

11:15am to 12:45pm

Room Z205


Jeannette Gurung
Executive Director
Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (WOCAN)


Chhavi Sharma
International Programme Manager
Julia Brickell
International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Gary White
CEO & Co-Founder
Prerana Langa
Session Description

Stabilizing the global climate is one of the most urgent challenges in the coming decades. Global warming affects all people and ecosystems, but particularly the poor who suffer disproportionately from climate-change impacts.

Major financial investments are required to transition the world’s economy to a low-carbon path, reduce greenhouse gas concentrations, and build the resilience of vulnerable countries and communities to climate change. A unique opportunity exists for public, private and philanthropic actors to work together to increase climate change-related capital flows to address multiple issues including rural poverty, environmental degradation, livelihoods and gender equality.

This session will highlight some successful case studies, as well as opportunities and challenges in leveraging resources and engaging in partnerships to stabilize climate change and create social impact.

Key Takeaways for Audience
  • Introduction to innovative financing models that tackle climate change and generate social, economic, and environmental benefits.
  • Determining the resources required to build up the organizational capacity of partner/implementing organizations on the ground.

*** Session Report – BR3.1: Climate Finance (Click to download)