Breakout Series 3: Digital Transformation: The Future of Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment

25-May-2016 Return to conference program

11:15am to 12:45pm

Room Z206


Tris Lumley
Director of Innovation and Development
New Philanthropy Capital


Naveen Menon
Partner, Global Social Impact Lead & Head Communications
Jake Layes
Global Director, Entrepreneur Impact
Sylvia Cadena
Head of Programs
APNIC Foundation / ISIF Asia
John Hecklinger
Chief Network Officer
GlobalGiving Foundation
Session Description

Digital transformation is one of the megatrends revolutionizing every industry, resulting in continuous wealth creation over the last twenty years. Its potential has not yet been realised in the social sector, and venture philanthropists and social investors are late to the game in learning the lessons of their peers in the tech sector.

There is a huge opportunity for venture philanthropy and social investment to generate financial returns and breakthroughs in social impact through technology, but what can we do to grasp the opportunity? Building on New Philanthropy Capital’s work on digital transformation in the social sector, this session will explore how venture philanthropy and social investment can maximise the opportunity through new approaches and vehicles, and accelerate your progress towards a digital future.

Key Takeaways for Audience
  • How to develop a strategic approach to identifying opportunities for break through impact through digital technology
  • Understanding the role of specialist digital funds in investing for maximum impact through digital
  • Identifying approaches to building capacity through venture philanthropy and social investment in a digital context

*** Session Report – BR3.2: Digital Transformation: The Future of Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment (Click to download)