Breakout Series 2: A Foundation’s Journey Into VP

24-May-2016 Return to conference program

2:15pm to 3:45pm

Room Z205


Naina Batra
Chief Executive Officer


Luciano Balbo
Oltre Foundation
Tomoya Shiraishi
Chief Executive Officer
Social Investment Partners
Sergio Urbani
Secretary General
Fondazione Cariplo
Shuichi Ohno
Sasakawa Peace Foundation
Session Description

As Foundations experiment with variations on the classic grant making model, they are increasingly turning to venture philanthropy to look at achieving social impact through the deployment of financial, human and intellectual capital coupled with the option of recycling their capital. Traditional philanthropic practices no longer provide the innovative solutions or multi-stakeholder involvement that venture philanthropy brings to the table. However, these attributes are also what make venture philanthropy a complex field to maneuver.

Understanding scales of intervention that address systems and sectors, rather than individual organizations or projects; identifying sector focuses that tend to be cross-sectoral; learning to recognize cultures and capabilities that are focused on innovation and experimentation represent a few of the complexities venture philanthropists tackle in order to revolutionize what traditional philanthropy falls short in.

This session will explore how journeying towards a venture philanthropy approach offers strategic, cross-sectoral and innovative advantages for foundations, thereby, allowing them to maximize their opportunity of producing lasting social impact.

Key Takeaways

  • How to develop a strategic framing, which coordinates targeted resources (grants and/or investments), so that collectively they create systemic change.
  • Classifying funding mechanisms that blend grants and investments, as appropriate to the theory of change.
  • Learning to prioritize engagement styles that are more hands-on, using extended interactions with and sometimes between grantees.
  • Understanding the importance of engagement periods that reflect the goal of systems changes, often five to ten years rather than one to two years.

Developing monitoring and evaluation practices that allow quick adaptation and focus on outcomes and impacts.

*** Session Report – BR2.1: A Foundation’s Journey into VP (Click to download)