Breakout Series 2: Philanthropy’s Role in Achieving the SDGs

24-May-2016 Return to conference program

2:15pm to 3:45pm

Room Z209


Jeremy Prepscius
Vice-President, APAC


Shweta Shukla
Director - Communications & Government Affairs
Kimberly Clark - Asia Pacific
Nicola Crosta
Executive Vice President
Epic Foundation
Jill Tucker
Head of Supply Chain Innovation and Transformation
C&A Foundation
Jeannie Kwok
Global Engagement Portfolio Lead Medtronic Philanthropy
Medtronic International Ltd.

Session Description
Philanthropy is well positioned to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It mobilises not only financial, but also human, intellectual and social capital. The key to achieving greater development outcomes lies on multi sector collaboration.

Foundations, corporates and governments can deliver far greater development outcomes by partnering more efficiently. Examples of successful collaborations already exist and show that efficient partnerships lead to enhanced development outcomes, especially when they build on each party’s strength.

How can we foster more partnerships across sectors? How do we navigate the various organization systems which have different working methods, timelines and incentives?

This session will highlight some of the opportunities and challenges in leveraging philanthropic resources to engage in multi-sector partnerships and support the global development agenda.

Key Takeaways for Audience

  • SDG 17 calls out partnership: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.
  • Philanthropic resources can be leveraged to create greater impact and support the SDGs.
  • Highlight innovative, inspirational and successful cases

*** Session Report – BR2.2: Philanthropy’s Role in Achieving the SDGs (Click to download)