Breakout Series 2: Leading the Business of Social in Asia

24-May-2016 Return to conference program

2:15pm to 3:45pm

Room Z211


Richard Gomes
Director of Market Development
Shell Foundation


Michael Norton
Spring Impact
Abbie Jung
Asia Regional Director
Synergy Social Ventures
Abhijit Ray
Co-founder & Managing Director
Unitus Capital
Deepak Menon
Regional Manager, South Asia
Village Capital

Session Description
Leadership is crucial to the success of social enterprises, and yet, it is systematically overlooked. For funders, unconvincing leadership teams are a bottleneck in otherwise convincing business models. This results in funders complaining about a lack of pipeline offsetting further problems down the line.

Recently, the Shell Foundation and Village Capital (VilCap) published a report on leadership in social enterprises, which reveals the need to identify, develop and retain talent in social enterprises. What are the right kind of talents – at which stage, how long do you develop and when do you need to fire old as well as hire new talent?

In this session, we will bring together fund managers (Unitus Capital/Capria), experienced investors (VilCap), social enterprise leaders (ex-d.Light) and sector players (Synergy/ANDE/Nexus; International Centre for Social Franchising) to discuss practical takeaways in hiring, developing and retaining leadership talent in social enterprises.

Key Takeaways for Audience

  • How do different stakeholders in the eco-system work on developing leadership – how do fund managers do it, how do social entrepreneurs do it, how do these two entities work together to build leaders in the social enterprises?
  • What has worked, what hasn’t and what have we learned from these experiences?
  • Are there new insights into different strategies depending on stage, sector and business model of the enterprise?

*** Session Report – BR2.4: Leading the Business of Social in Asia (Click to download)