Investment Showcase

investment showcase

Session: Conference Day 1, 11:30am – 1:15pm
Venue: Room Z209, Room Z205, Room Z207, Room Z211, Room Z206

The AVPN Investment Showcase is designed as a platform in the AVPN Conference to highlight interesting and successful projects in Asia that are supported by our members to the wider community. The showcase will give both investors and investees exposure and visibility to other grant-funders, impact investors and possible partners in the region.

This year, the investment showcase will focus on following themes: Education/Environment, Social-Tech, Livelihood, Social Inclusion/Community Development, Health/Healthcare.

Investment Showcase Partners

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Investment Showcase Mentors

Josephine Korijn
Josephine Korijn
Hybrid Finance Initiative
Ashoka Europe
Rajesh Varghese
Rajesh Varghese
Partnership Development
Ashoka South Asia and South East Asia
Sumitra Pasupathy
Sumitra Pasupathy
Country Director
Ashoka Singapore/Malaysia
Mark Sayer
Investment Consultant
raiSE Singapore
Nir Shimony
Nir Shimony
Co-Founder and CEO
Rob Kraybill sm
Robert Kraybill
Managing Director
Impact Investment Exchange Asia (IIX)

Pitching Schedule

Session 1 Social Tech
Venue: Room Z209 Referrer
11:30-11:35 Welcome Remarks
11:35-11:50 twopresents Yvette Yeh,
Yeh Family Philanthropy
11:50-12:05 News Deeply Derek Handley
Aera Foundation
12:05-12:20 Hapticus Yoav Elgrichi,
Tech For Good
12:20-12:35 Verifik8 Henri de Reboul,
PhiTrust Asia
12:35-12:50 DX Element Jake Layes,
Autodesk Foundation
12:50-13:05 GIVO Chris Wilson,
Social Capital Venture Development (Video)
Session 2 Education/Environment
Venue: Room Z205 Referrer
11:30-11:35 Welcome Remarks
11:35-11:50 Coral Triangle Center Adeline Khoo,
Mornington Services
11:50-12:05 Tree Planet Wonyoung,
12:05-12:20 Teach For All Liza Green,
Credit Suisse
12:20-12:35 Enuma Seungje Ryu,
The Happiness Foundation
12:35-12:50 AccessEd Krisztina Tora,
12:50-13:05 Zaya Learning Lab Patsian Low,
DBS Foundation
Session 3 Health/HealthCare
Venue: Room Z207 Referrer
11:30-11:35 Welcome Remarks
11:35-11:50 RunOurCity Lindy Lek,
Social Impact Partners
11:50-12:05 DoctHERs Sylvia Cadena,
12:05-12:20 UM Trust Sylvia Cadena,
12:20-12:35 iHealth Ray Chen,
B Current Impact Investment
12:35-12:50 Buddy HomeCare Quyen Tran,
HelpAge International
12:50-13:05 Yi Rui Foundation Tony Luh,
Yifang Foundation
Session 4 Livelihood
Venue: Room Z211 Referrer
11:30-11:35 Welcome Remarks
11:35-11:50 Spouts of Water Marie (Myung-Hee) Lee,
Work Together Foundation (Video)
11:50-12:05 Siam Organic Patsian Low,
DBS Foundation
12:05-12:20 The Island Foundation Heather Brand,
The Manan Trust
12:20-12:35 Kamonohashi Project Cambodia Ken Ito, AVPN
12:35-12:50 Muditar Foundation Barbara Bauer,
Partnership for Change
12:50-13:05 WateROAM Sherilyn Chia,
Singapore International Foundation
Session 5 Social
Inclusion / Development
Venue: Room Z206 Referrer
11:30-11:35 Welcome Remarks
11:35-11:50 Needeed Foundation Simon Chadwick,
11:50-12:05 Weenu Hoon Seo,
The Happiness Foundation
12:05-12:20 Pravah Aektha Wadhwani,
Global Fund for Children
12:20-12:35 Eliv International Ray Chen,
B Current Impact Investment
12:35-12:50 One Sky Rachel Andrews,
FIL Foundation
12:50-13:05 Angkor Hospital Heather Brand,
The Manan Trust

30 Investment Showcase Teams


UM Healthcare Trust  UM Healthcare-2

Endorsed by Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)

Affordable, quality and accessible healthcare

UM Healthcare Trust is a registered non‐profit organization working in Mardan, KP, Pakistan since 2008. We aim to extend sustainable primary healthcare to underprivileged people in disaster‐hit and resource constrained areas of Pakistan. We annually treat more than 50,000 patients (43% female), 90% of whom live below the poverty line.

One of our innovations is ‘Jaroka Tele‐Healthcare’, a sustainable and replicable project which is built on existing infrastructure and unleashes the power of web and mobile technology (SMS) to provide healthcare to far‐flung areas. Jaroka connects healthcare service providers at our facility with specialists in the urban centers in Pakistan/abroad, to seek expert advice and diagnosis for the patient. Jaroka is also playing a vital role in building capacity of Health Workers using technology. Under Jaroka we have also developed the first‐ever live disease surveillance system in KP, Pakistan. Our system has been successfully replicated in 3 districts of Pakistan including Mardan, Narowal and Badin using Software as a Service (SAAS) Model.

UM Healthcare has won many awards including ISIF Asia Award, mBillionth Award and DHL YES award for implementing innovating solutions in rural communities. Our national and international stakeholder includes USAID, ISIF‐Asia, Google, NUST, APPNA, Global Giving, CDRS, NUS Singapore and HEC Pakistan.

doctHERs  doctHERs-2

Endorsed by Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)

Creating a global network of doctHERs who can diagnose and treat patients via paramedic-assisted video-consultation.

doctHERs is a novel, healthcare platform that connects female doctHERs to millions of underserved patients in real-time while leveraging technology. doctHERs circumvents socio-cultural barriers that restrict women professionals to their homes, while correcting two market failures: access to quality healthcare and workforce inclusion for women.

doctHERs links to urban/rural patients with the help of paramedics equipped with mobile and internet enabled technologies/HD video-conferencing. Trained, trusted community-based nurses, health workers (CHWs) and midwives (CMWs) assist remotely located doctHERs in physically evaluating patients at ‘point-of-care’ using diagnostic tools. doctHERs can optionally leverage mobile banking technology to provide a cashless, digital co-payment solution to collect all user service fees.

Coral Triangle Center (CTC)  CTC-2

Endorsed by Mornington Services Pte. Ltd.

Eat, Love and Protect

CTC is a locally-based non-profit organization with a regional scope and global impact. It transforms marine resource management and safeguards the future of the Coral Triangle by working closely with local communities, the private sector, governments, and other partners to shape lasting solutions to protect coral reef ecosystems.

CTC provides education, training, and makes sure that marine parks within the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity are managed effectively. CTC supports on-the-ground conservation programs through its learning sites in the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area in Bali and the Banda Islands Marine Protected Areas network in the Moluccas.  It catalyzes collective action by leading networks of women leaders, local government executives, private sector champions, who engage and implement marine resource conservation in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste. CTC aims to expand its impact by developing a Regional Hub Learning Center in Bali which will serve as a center of excellence for marine conservation training programs and outreach activities – influencing approximately 1.5 million people by 2020 to protect and care for the oceans and those that depend on it.

Weenu  weenu-3

Endorsed by The Happiness Foundation

Let’s talk about social issues through art…
DSC02431small P1590536.JPG.Still001small

weenu promotes up-and-coming artists and talks about social issues through art, while bringing more creativity to the world.

We have been implementing various art programs with artists: art education programs held in organizations including Seoul Museum of Art from 2007, and ARTUP FESTIVAL, an environmental art festival started in 2012. At the same time, weenu provides a whole new art experience through online. Spread the joy of art and listen to the stories of artists on our platform and on established channels as like Hyundai Art channel and Korean no.1 portal-Naver where people can keep track of their daily art experience. Through weenu’s art program, over 1200 upcoming artists and 2,500,000 people have met and share the joy of art. At the same time weenu has provided work for artists, enabling them to gain support from the public and continue their career as artist.

Now, we are planning to spread this mission and method overseas. As a first step, weenu launched ARTUP FESTIVAL 2015 in Indonesia with local environment NGO, Greeneration.  ARTUP FESTIVAL is a live art festival where 100 artists create up-cycled artworks in 30 hours using waste resources. We create values by adding artistic imagination to ordinary recycling, and share the moment with the public. We look forward to partners in Asia to work with international artists to find the most creative solutions to environmental issues.

Enuma, Inc.  enuma_2

Endorsed by The Happiness Foundation

All children learning: Quality early elementary education via  mobile devices
enuma-print-1_ppsmall IMG_4922small

Enuma is an education start-up located in Berkeley, CA. Our mission is to deliver exceptional learning tools to empower all children—including those with special needs—to be independent learners. Our flagship application, Todo Math, is a game-based learning tool that helps 4 to 8-year-old children learn foundational math concepts and practice for fluency. From its launch in July 2014, it’s been downloaded over 2 million times and ranked No. 1 in Apple App Store’s Education Category in 20 countries.

With 57 million children still without access to primary school[1], Enuma is leveraging its success to support these excluded learners. Enuma is building a comprehensive early elementary program as its entry to the Global Learning XPRIZE competition, a challenge to develop an open source scalable software solution to enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic.

With our experience delivering a commercially successful learning curriculum, we are confident we will produce the best quality solution for this ambitious challenge, whose ultimate goal is also to spark and promote innovation in education: this will pave the way to quality learning for all. We are therefore looking for sponsors and partners who will accompany and support us on this exciting and visionary journey.

[1] UNESCO. Educational For All, Global Monitoring Report, 2013. Also, an additional 250 million not learning basic literacy and math with the little access they have.

Teach For All  teach for all

Endorsed by Credit Suisse

Building this region’s pipeline of future leaders and committed to expanding educational opportunity for underserved children across Asia Pacific
Teach For Thailand Teach For India

At Teach For All, the global network for expanding educational opportunity, we believe that leadership is the key to transforming education and—ultimately—children’s futures. Since 2007, Teach For All has fielded more than 75,000 teachers, formed a network of over 49,500 alumni, and reached over 9 million students around the world. In Asia Pacific, Teach For All has fielded more than 3,800 teachers, formed a network of over 1,800 alumni, and reached over 162,000 students. In the last recruitment cycle, we received more than 20,000 applications from the region’s most promising leaders.

Each of our 39 independent partner organizations recruits and develops diverse individuals from various academic disciplines to commit two years to teach in its country’s highest-need classrooms and to work throughout their lives, both within and outside of education, in pursuit of expanded opportunity for children. Across the network, teachers and alumni are working together with their communities and colleagues and becoming leaders for change in classrooms, schools, neighborhoods, education systems, and countries. As the network expands to new countries each year, Teach For All provides a global platform that enables network partners to connect with and learn from each other, accelerating their individual and collective impact.

NEEDeed Foundation  needed-2

Endorsed by Simon Chadwick, AVPN

Building capacity of local non-profit organizations via impactful projects. We scope, manage and deliver with the help of pro bono resources.
DSC02877 small Bangkok

NEEDeed changes the way organizations and individuals think about helping the non-profit sector in South East Asia by focusing on the organizational capacity of non-profits as the main indicator of their success and sustainability. We help increase the organizational capacity of local non-profits by strategically assessing their needs, developing project outlines and then turning to the extensive professional community in Bangkok to resource the projects and realize them in a timely, results-driven way.

We build long-term relationships with the organizations we support. Starting with our NEEDeed Team’s personal approach and the tools that go with it, we provide external expertise that in turn gradually increase the organization’s capacity to maintain a viable relationship with external contributors. The end result is a sustainable, adaptable, well-funded operation making a lasting impact.

We engage corporate employees, expat spouses and independent professionals to deliver our projects. What we offer to our pro bono professionals is a meaningful and engaging professional opportunity where they can utilize their core professional knowledge for the development of social impact organizations.

The Social Factory (“Givo”)  givo-2

Endorsed by Social Capital Venture Development

World’s first social media and news platform that will revolutionalise the culture of charitable giving.

The Social Factory is an internet startup that believes in changing the world through social media. It was co-founded by two childhood friends who share the same passion in tackling social problems using technology. We are privileged to be joined by four Members on our Board of Advisors: Chairman of an investment bank, Founding member of JPMorgan Private Bank Asia, Banker-turned-entrepreneur, and Asia Director of UBS’s charitable foundation.

The charitable sector has been lagging behind due to low marketing ROI, ineffective fundraising through donor harassment, and lack of transparency. Our latest mobile app, Givo, is the 21st Century, Instagram-like social media solution that allows charities, foundations, and CSR offices to engage with millions of supporters directly, while allowing users and funders to personally connect with and donate to any organization. This free-of-charge platform will dramatically reduce charities’ old-fashioned fundraising expenses such as street fundraisers, cold calling and posted mail.

ELIV International Service  eliv-2

Endorsed by B Current Impact Investment
Needing stonger connections and financial resources to expand positive impact to Asia
尼泊爾-2 small 雲南-1 small

ELIV was founded in 2010 by Kevin Chen(Taiwan) and Helene Chow(HongKong). ELIV is the earliest Social Enterprise in Taiwan with healthy financial status and significant social impact. ELIV has established more than 10 different service projects in SEA area based on local needs, combining with volunteer empowering course design, ELIV ‘s progrm successfully create a movement that motivate young generation power both in Taiwan and in service communities.

Siam Organic Co., Ltd.  siam-2

Endorsed by DBS Foundation

Transforming farmers’ lives through innovative organic products with global appeal

Siam Organic is social business that aims to solve the problem of farmers’ poverty through innovative organic products with global appeal. “Jasberry rice” is a new variety of rice that combines both the delicious taste of the world famous Thai Jasmine rice and the powerful nutritional and antioxidant benefits of berries. Using this special rice breed and innovative farming management, we are currently working with over 1,000 small-scale farmers resulting in over US$1.72mn social benefits. To put this into perspective our farmers are earning 14 times higher income compared to an average Thai rice farmers, who are earning only US$0.42/person/day. While our company helps farmers break out of their poverty cycle, it is also financially sustainable. Through working on this venture for the past 4 years we have managed to achieve 149% CAGR (2012‐2014) and a revenue of US$ 554,000 and EBT of US$ 42,000 in year 2014. With secured supply, required organic certification and operations, we are ready to scale up Jasberry rice and develop several value‐added products. We have already exported to US and secured distribution partners in HK, NZ. We are looking for strategic partners to help us achieve our social and business mission to bring more than 20,000 farmers out of poverty by year 2019 and creating world-class organic products.

RunOurCity Foundation Limited  runourcity

Endorsed by Social Impact Partners

Transform life through running
HONG KONG STREETATHON@central 2015small Youth run small

RunOurCity believes RUN can transform lives.

Established by social enterprise RunOurCity in 2013, Youth.ROC has provided free and professional running programme to inspire and challenge teenagers to systematically train for distance running and achieve their goals while improving health and developing a “can-do” attitude. The trainings have also helped participating teenagers to expand their social circle and understand more about their communities through street-running. Since 2013, we have trained close to 3,000 teenagers including those who come from underprivileged backgrounds and the ethnic minority communities.

To nurture fun and compassionate running culture in Hong Kong, RunOurCity also organize STREETATHONS, TOTEM RUNs and other themed running events for over 35,000 participants, and raised over HK$6 Million for Youth.ROC and 14 charities.

At RunOurCity, we believe passion plus professionalism are indispensable to achieve our social goals. Our people and network love running and creating social impacts, are fun and innovative, and embrace the work-hard-play-hard attitude.

AccessED  AccessEd-small
Endorsed by UNLTD

Improving life outcomes for young people via mobilising PhDs…

In countries the world over, there is a significant gap between rich and poor in accessing a great education, especially in terms of progression to university. To unlock the full potential of communities and countries, this must change.

AccessEd is a social enterprise that exists to improve educational outcomes for young people by widening access to programmes of academic enrichment and increasing progression to university. We do this mobilising PhD researchers to engage with local communities and schools. It has been setup as a sister organisation to The Brilliant Club, a leading UK social enterprise. In its first five years, The Brilliant Club has scaled up its provision to deliver programmes of university-style learning directly to 10,000 young people each year, demonstrating the potential of mobilising PhD researchers to address the access gap.

AccessEd will explore whether and how The Brilliant Club model might be adapted to have a similar impact abroad. We are identifying local organisations – including schools, universities and social enterprises – that are interested in co-developing pilot programmes. We building networks of like-minded partners with whom to share our model, resources and expertise, in order to catalyse the development of Brilliant Club-style programmes in their countries.

Verifik8  verifk8-small

Endorsed by PhiTrust Asia

Offering first in-kind compliance solutions to improve transparency in the seafood supply chain

Verifik8 is a social start-up developing a new compliance solution to monitor and verify social and environmental performances of fisheries and aquaculture operators in Southeast Asia. It aims at improving efficiency, productivity and sustainability of the fisheries & aquaculture operators to engage seafood supply chain stakeholders into transparency and accountability

Our system is based on mobile technology for transparent data collection, market drivers to create incentives and verification scheme to build trust. The system provides real-time data collection, triangulation and analysis to rank seafood operators’ performances. It generates automatic reviews (dashboard and alerts) to consistently monitor operators’ improvements, with a yearly on site visit to control farms or fisheries performances. It then benchmarks those data against the most relevant sustainability standards in the industry to position each operator on a sustainability compass. Once the operator complies with the benchmarked standards, Verifik8 releases a certificate.

Verifik8 enhances fishing practices and traceability, improves risk-identification, safeguard access to markets for smaller fisheries and farms while securing/increasing their livelihood. It is also the first in-kind verification system to provide a comprehensive analysis of seafood operators’ social performances (labor rights, slavery).

Verifik8 is a project from FairAgora Asia, a compliance advisory firm registered in Thailand.

iHealth Express Group  ihealth-small

Endorsed by B Current Impact Investment

Creating a decentralized healthcare service system to eliminate health inequity
ihealth-1 SONY DSC

Johnny Wang, CEO of iHealth Express Group, had run the community pharmacy since 2002 and engaged in advanced study in business strategy and management.  He found many restrain and paradox in traditional community pharmacy operating model.  First, health product is more profitable than OTC drugs, so selling health products are the main stream in pharmacy.  Secondly, pharmacist’s salary is much higher than assistants but with weaker selling skills.  Thirdly, customers are confused with pharmacist’s role.  Fourthly, Health inequity is a serious social problem because most of medical resources are allocated in the big cities.

In 2010, Johnny proposed a brand-new online to offline medicine delivery business model to overcome the limitations and problems. iHealth pharmacists just need to focus on professional service, but not selling any supplements.  There are 45 towns, 1 million population in total, with very limited medical services and no accessible pharmacies.  Through door to door decentralized medicine delivery service, highly professional pharmaceutical service can penetrate to every corner in Taiwan.

Aging population will exceed 20% in 2025. Long term care insurance is the most important social benefit Taiwanese government has been planning in the past 10 years. It is scheduled to be launched in 2017. Besides medicine delivery services, iHealth will have an alliance with multiple partners and provide more healthcare, medical care and long term care services to fulfill people’s needs.

In most of the South East Asia countries, especially India and China, health care system is not as mature as Taiwan and health inequity problem is a serious issue in these countries.  Health care service is not easy to duplicate from one country to another due to culture difference and regulation restriction.  However our experience and know-how can share with local companies.  On the other hand, we will accumulate long term care experience in the next 10 years and more than happy to share with them and extend the business to other countries.

Tree Planet  tree planet
Endorsed by Crevisse

Creating engaging means to plant the most trees in the world

Tree Planet is a social venture company to create engaging means to plant the most trees in the world. Tree Planet provides forest building services for general customers (Crowd-funding, crowd-farming, smartphone tree planting game) and global corporations (Google, Toyota, Naver). Tree Planet creates environmentally, socially, and culturally impactful forests such as anti-desertification forest in China, Sewol Memorial Forest in Korea, and Paul McCartney Peace Forest in DMZ (demilitarized zone between North and South Korea). Star Forest is one of the major products, created over 70 K-Pop star’s forests including EXO, TVXQ, and BigBang. Since 2010, 1.1 million people have planted over 550,000 trees in 108 forests across 10 different countries with Tree Planet.

Kamonohashi Project Cambodia  Kamo-2

Endorsed by Kamonohashi Project Japan

Encouraging the life journey of Cambodian women through school in business

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 20160408_kamo_productiontrainingsmall

“Work as a professional in business.  The experience could be a key for their better life.”

It is 35km far from the central area of Siem Reap, the city of Angkor wat, where we run the small factory. Here, for 70 women are fully employed to produce high quality handicraft products. Through the 2 years on the job professional training for world-class handicraft products, we aim young women to gain life skills, which are composed of 6 components of habits, problem solving, inter personal, self-management, literacy, working ethics and self-confidence. All of them are essential to overcome various challenges to open their better future.

With the aim to accelerate their growth, we strategically install various method and support system. Feedback system with the life skill monitoring tool, active learning training, production vocabulary training, saving system, career counseling, meal provision, kid’s care center. All support system works as like a school, that’s why we call our project “school in business”.

So far we have provided this opportunity and supported their graduation for over 140 women in the last 8 years and plan 100 more within next 3 years.

Currently 60% of our finance covered by our product sales. Our new product brand SUSU will make it over 80% until 2018. We also aim to empower customers through our products as well.

Spouts of Water Ltd. (SPOUTS)  SPOUTS logo

Endorsed by Work Together Foundation, Korea

Manufacturing and distributing innovative water filters to improve the clean water access in Uganda sustainably
SPOUTS_Photo 1small SPOUTS_Photo 2

SPOUTS is a social venture that aims to improve the access to clean drinking water by manufacturing and distributing affordable and effective ceramic water filters in Uganda.

Uganda faces severe clean water challenges; 10M Ugandans lack access to clean drinking water with waterborne diseases still remaining number 1 killer among children. Since 2011, SPOUTS has built a solution to address these problems by creating a business that manufactures the most cost-effective water treatment solution – ceramic water filter which can provide clean water for a household at $20 for 2 years. UNICEF describes these ceramic filters as affordable, effective, lightweight, portable, easy-touse, low-maintenance, and socially-accepted.

SPOUTS distributes its filters in an innovative way tailored to the context of Uganda. With more than 40 distribution partners ranging from retailers to MFIs to development organizations, SPOUTS has been developing a wide array of creative and innovative distribution programs in the country.

Up to date SPOUTS has distributed more than 5,000 filters, helping about 30,000 people gain access to clean drinking water. Our vision is to expand our production and distribution capacities to provide for as many people in need as possible in Uganda and East Africa.

Twopresents Limited  twopresents logo

Endorsed by Yeh Family Philanthropy

Making your celebration more meaningul by sharing it with a charity
Twopresents ad twopresents testimonials

Twopresents is a social enterprise with a mission to change the way people celebrate by making parties less wasteful and more meaningful. The Twopresents platform allows celebrants to send online invitations and choose a charity they would like to support and a gift they would like to raise money for. Instead of bringing presents, guests contribute money online towards the gift/charity fund.  When the party is over, Twopresents sends one cheque to the celebrant (to buy the wished gift) and one to the supported charity.

Celebrating parties the “Twopresents’ way” reduces environmental waste (packaging, wrapping & unwanted gifts), increases awareness and creates year-round funding for charities.  By challening funds spent on unneccessary gifts to better use with charities, Twopresents helps to alleviate poverty. In addition, as Twopresents currently focuses on children’s birthday parties it teaches children from a very young age to share and give back to the society.

DX Element  DX Element logo

Endorsed by Autodesk Foundation

DX element dedicates to design, develop and produce social products for solving social problems. DX element have three social products: loving lamp, little nut, loving sound. Specially, loving lamp is the solar LED desk lamp which can provide light for students living in off-the-grid areas. It is a charity product and we have given four thousand loving lamp free of charge.

WateROAM Pte Ltd  WaterROAM logo

Endorsed by Singapore International Foundation

Developing the most simple, portable, durable and affordable water filtration systems that can be quickly deployed to provide clean water within minutes to disaster affected sites and rural communities
LQ_2 Nepal May 2015 LQ_4 Nepal May 2015

Around the world, disasters strike 160 million people every year. Another 700 million people lack access to clean water every day. Existing water filtration solutions to provide clean drinking water are typically bulky and heavy, difficult to maintain, and expensive. WateROAM develops innovative and inexpensive water filters that are simple to use, easy to carry into difficult-to-reach areas. They are durable enough to last for years, quick to set up, and affordable even for those at the base-of-pyramid. Over the past 2 years since our founding, we have worked closely with NGOs and relief organizations such as World Vision to build better water filtration solutions for disaster relief and rural communities. In 2015, we provided clean water to more than 13,000 people in disaster stricken areas including the Malaysia floods, Vanuatu cyclone, Nepal earthquake and Myanmar floods. Going forward, we are aiming to deploy more water filtration systems for daily use through microentrepreneurship channels in regions around South East Asia such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar.

Pravah  Pravah logo

Endorsed by Global Fund For Children (GFC)

Investing in social entrepreneurs across India and nurture leadership spaces, such that they impact issues affecting communities
Exhibition and Opening Event for Changelooms - Our programme for young Social Entrepreneurs small School Session taken by our ICS volunteer small

Pravah is a youth centric organization set up in 1993 that facilitates the creation of leaders who are self-aware, deeply empathetic, socially responsible and can understand systems. In order to collectivize youth centric organisations Pravah incubated ComMutiny- The Youth Collective (CYC) in 2008, as a collective of nearly 30 like-minded professionals and  organisations.

Through CYC, we have inspired nearly 100,000 young leaders in schools, out of school  communities and colleges, have supported  400 social  change projects and entrepreneurs, created 100 media products and reached out to over 1,500,000 people through our campaigns, while impacting issues like education (child literacy), sexual and reproductive health, environmental sustainability, social inclusion (changing community perspectives, social conflicts), gender based violence, employability.

Our approach: Society has ‘legitimized’ four spaces for young people – family, friends, career /education and leisure. There is on the margins – a 5th Space – where young people discover themselves by engaging in social action.  We argue that the 5th Space must be repositioned as a space that focuses as much on the self-transformation of youth as it does on transforming society through them and therefore try to create 5thSpaces through all our programs.

The Island Foundation (TIF)  The Island Foundation logo

Endorsed by The Manan Trust

Believes that skills transfer, collaborative networks and local ownership are interdependent pre-requisites to build thriving communities

The Island Foundation (TIF) is incorporated and domiciled in Singapore and has been registered as an International Charitable Organization (ICO) under the Charities Act since 2010.  In Indonesia, TIF has established a Foundation called Yayasan Peduli Kepulauan Riau with the aim of building a network of thriving village communities along the eastern and north-eastern seaboard of Bintan.

Started in 2009, TIF is building a conduit between the islands of the Riau Archipelago, Singapore and the rest of the world. TIF believes that skills transfer, collaborative networks and local ownership are interdependent pre-requisites to build thriving communities. Our sustainable programs are hence designed with those goals in mind.

TIF operates out of 6 Learning centres donated by the local communities. It runs a bespoke curriculum created by a world leading expert, offering a holistic education program incorporating skills of local significance such as health, nutrition, agriculture, craft, tourism and sport.

OneSky  OneSky logo

Endorsed by FIL Foundation

Believes in the vast hidden potential in our world’s most vulnerable children
OneSky%201 OneSky%204

935 million children in our world woke up this morning to another day with no loving parent in their lives. Children growing up without love will never learn how to love others. Humans who cannot love cannot thrive. They can never reach their potential.

At OneSky, we have learned how to give at-risk children, if we can reach them early enough, a second chance at a bright future. And we now understand how to bring together the adults who are responsible for these young lives and teach them how to gently transform broken systems and practices to benefit, rather than damage, vulnerable young children. We see the potential in every child — real potential that’s worth real investment — and we show those adults that they have the power to make a difference. The lessons we’ve learned have real and lasting impact on an entire child welfare system.

OneSky creates affordable, scalable model early learning centers and trains caregivers how to unlock the potential in marginalized young children. Centers that provide not just early education, but also the consistent nurturing care that young children, from the moment of birth, need to thrive.

We foster positive partnerships among individuals, communities and governments, building local capacity by providing ongoing training and guidance, as our partners take our models to scale. Through our Orphanage Model, and newly launched Village Model, we have impacted the lives of over 136,228 children living in China.

Hapticus  Hapticus Logo w slogan crop

Endorsed by Tech for Good

Virtual Transportation Hub for persons with Special Needs
Ecommuter MI Supply Demand

Hapticus is an established Singapore based technology company, with a vision to provide innovative solutions for the transportation sector in megacities, with a strong emphasize on positive social impact.

The company’s flagship product, the Ecommuter, is a virtual transportation hub for commuters with special needs, in operation since 2012. It provides a suite of web and mobile applications for the commuters, service providers, and the organisations supporting them.

The Ecommuter helps bridging the supply and demand gap and make commuting a more affordable and social experience, by uniting the transport service providers under one platform, and harnessing the community in the form of volunteer drivers.

The company aspires to grow to other jurisdictions and expand to additional sectors with similar needs.

Yirui Foundation  Yirui logo

Endorsed by Yifang Foundation

Children with cerebral palsy are not a burden and should be given a chance to reach their full potential

Yirui is a charitable foundation founded by a group of good samaritans from Singapore and China who share a common love and concern for children with Cerebral Palsy. We are established in July 2014  and has set up a growing network of charitable rehabilitation centres known as “Yirui Little Dolphin CP centres” throughout China.

We believe that Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition that can be managed effectively to avoid turning into a long term disability that negatively impacts the child, the family and society. Our goal is provide free rehabilitation that is safe, effective and efficient to CP orphans and poverty stricken CP children,  such that they will be able to overcome movement disorders permanently and manage independent living successfully.

Our Little Dolphin CP centres are set up in collaborations with government bodies such State-run orphanages, China Disabled Persons’ Federation and the All China Women’s Federation who help us access the most vulnerable CP children in China.

Zaya Lab   Zaya logo

Endorsed by DBS Foundation

Using technology to deliver high quality personalized education under $1/month to students in low income schools and homes irrespective of their current internet infrastructure

Zaya is a venture-backed, award-winning social enterprise based in Mumbai with operations across India. Zaya’s vision is to become the personalized operating system of the schools of the future where every child learns at his own pace and teachers facilitate this experience with the right tools.  We develop and implement technology-based learning solutions for schools and parents in low-income communities inorder to bridge the achievement gap that children face in these settings. In the last 3 years we have grown from 500 to over 30,000 students learning daily with our system for under $1/month. We are now expanding services beyond classrooms through Mobile apps for parents at home thus increasing our reach and impact.  On average a Zaya student scores 1.5 time higher in Math and 2.4 times higher in English when compared to similar schools both government and private.

News Deeply  NewsDeeply logo

Endorsed by Aera Foundation

Building content platforms for specialized communities

News Deeply is an award-winning new media company dedicated to covering the world’s most important and underreported stories. Our journalists and technologists build in-depth digital platforms that serve as a hub of news, information and analysis. By fusing rigorous reporting and cutting-edge information design, we make a complex world easier for our readers to understand.

At News Deeply, we’ve pioneered a model we call “Impact Publishing” – a combination of high-quality content and proactive community management. Our platforms unite an audience of policymakers and domain specialists, connecting those who are most intimately involved in the topic at hand. Through interactive dialogues, virtual events and live convenings, we advance the conversation, leading to a more engaged public and better-informed policy decisions.

We believe that even the toughest issues can be made accessible in a clear and compelling format. In a crowded and complicated world, our platforms separate the signal from the noise, surfacing vital information and key trends on issues that matter, deeply, to the state of our world today.

Muditar Foundation  Muditar Foundation logo

Endorsed by Partnership for Change

Utilizing a unique model for transforming poor rural villages into self-sustaining, thriving communities in six years at a cost of $19 per person annually.

For 10 years, Muditar Foundation, a Myanmar registered non-profit, has used a proven model for reducing extreme poverty and revitalizing villages through six-year partnerships.  Mobilizing each village in a participatory process engages their capacity for self-determination, building both human and financial resources. With an investment of $10,000 annually per village, they graduate after six-years with the following results:

  • 400% Increases in income for the poorest families through livestock program
  • Triple middle and high school attendance
  • High quality maternal and child healthcare services for 100% of families
  • A community bank, owned and operated by the village, generates $2,000 to $4,000 annually from interest earned
  • Clean water system provides all families with easy access
  • New primary, middle, and pre-schools constructed
  • Solar lighting installed in all homes
  • Skilled, representative leadership in place

Muditar has transformed 19 villages to date, changing the lives of more than 10,000 people and has the capacity to partner with an additional 36 villages over the next five years. At a cost of $10,000 per village annually, our pace of expansion is currently dependent on funding success.

We are seeking strategic and financial support to scale up our model throughout Myanmar and share it with development organizations worldwide.

Foundation for Older Persons’ Development (FOPDEV)  Buddy HomeCare logo

Endorsed by HelpAge International, East Asia Pacific Regional Office

Buddy HomeCare programme– provision of quality home based care for older persons in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Based in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, Foundation for Older Persons’ Development (FOPDEV) registered with the Thai government in December 1999 as a not-for-profit organization. FOPDEV aims to work with and for older people in Thailand, especially disadvantaged older people, to improve their quality of their lives. Its main activities take place in the northern region of Thailand.

FOPDEV works with older people’s groups at the community level to address problems and needs.  Such problems and needs include: income generating activities to improve income security, volunteers to provide basic health care and information to older people and their carers and watch groups to monitor local policy implementation and older people’s access to rights and entitlement.

Buddy HomeCare is an initiative of FOPDEV , a social business aims to solve three social problems among three groups of populations at the same time.

Group 1 – Hill tribe youth with no education and minimal income

Group 2 – Older people with substantial income, but unable to source qualified care givers and therefore looking for  quality, cost effective, trust worthy carers

Group 3 – Disadvantaged older people with minimal income, and who lack the care they need

It is a sustainable programme with high potential for expansion.

Angkor Hospital  Angkor Hospital logo

Endorsed by Manan Trust

Child HELP (Health Engagement in a Low-resource setting Programme): reducing neonatal mortality and childhood morbidity in rural Cambodia

Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) is a non-profit paediatric teaching hospital providing high-quality compassionate health care for free to Cambodian children. Working in cooperation with the Cambodian Ministry of Health, AHC’s mission is to improve the healthcare system on a national level so that every child in Cambodia, no matter where they live or ability to pay, has access to the quality health care they deserve. Since 1999, AHC has provided more than 1.5 million treatments to Cambodia’s vulnerable children. The hospital provides these services through 19 inter-connected departments, including Outpatient and Inpatient Departments, Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Care Unit, Social Work Department and Dental Unit. AHC also operates several outreach services including a satellite clinic to serve children living in rural Siem Reap.

AHC is also a recognised centre of excellence for education and research for paediatric healthcare building the capacity of AHC doctors and nurses as well as government health workers at all levels of the heath system. AHC’s excellent track record and paediatric expertise has also meant that many of the hospital’s policies and procedures have been adopted by the Cambodian MoH.