Fringe Events

AVPN is working with various partners to put together a series of fringe events that will take place around the Annual Conference time frame. Excerpts of each event are included below and for more details, please click on the respective event links. The sessions might be by-invite only. Please write to the person in charge of each session.

Date/Time Description
19-20 MAY 2016 /
27-28 MAY 2016
09:30HRS – 17:30HRS
(Day 1)
09:30HRS – 16:45HRS
(Day 2) 
SROI is an approach to understanding and managing the impacts of a project, organization or policy. It is based on stakeholders and uses financial value of the important impacts identified by stakeholders to identify what is important to them. It is a framework to structure thinking and understanding. It’s a story not a number. The story should show how you understand the value created, manage it and can prove it.
25 MAY 2016
18:30HRS – 20:30HRS
ANDE Happy Hour. Join ANDE members and friends at the conclusion of the AVPN conference for a networking happy hour.
26 MAY 2016
09:00HRS – 17:00HRS
The Asia Policy Dialogue is an opportunity to be a part of the conversation between influential policy makers, venture philanthropists, impact investors, social entrepreneurs and key players in the social enterprise sector in Asia. It offers an opportunity to support governments to build an enabling environment for the Social Economy to flourish.
26 MAY 2016
09:30HRS – 12:30HRS
The Impact investment means that as well as the existence of financial risk, there is potential of social risk. The Training on Social Risk Management for Impact Investors  will cover how impact investors improve their awareness and management of these social risks. The training will include materials on the analysis of social impacts, their connection and influence on social risks, and an introduction to how prevention, mitigation and coping strategies can be implemented to manage these risks.
26 MAY 2016
10:00HRS – 15:00HRS
ANDE Member Meeting. Join ANDE East and Southeast Asia Chapter Members at the AVPN 2016 Conference. Agenda topics will include new research on effective accelerator programs, challenges and opportunities in talent for the SGB sector, and the growing interest in INGO Impact Investing.
26 MAY 2016
12:00HRS – 15:15HRS
The STEP Hong Kong Philanthropy Group exists to help build a community of philanthropy advisors and charities professionals. The purpose of this conference is to provide professional development support to those involved in advising both funders and NGOs.
26 MAY 2016
14:00HRS – 16:30HRS
Managing Social Value Creation and Collective Impact is a two-part public seminar on social impact assessment. Part 1 of the seminar will examine various evaluation methodologies/strategies and discuss the advantages and limitations of different “evaluation tools” in social impact assessment and policy intervention. Part 2 will discuss development of impact assessment initiatives in various sectors and examine whether and how the notion of collective impact is being addressed in the course of driving organisational impact.

For more information on organising your own fringe event, please contact