8:00am - 9:00am Foyer outside lift

9:00am - 9:15am Room Z209 / Main Auditorium

Prof. Timothy W. Tong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

9:15am - 9:45am Room Z209 / Main Auditorium

AVPN's Chairman Douglas L. Miller welcomes all delegates to the AVPN 2016 Conference.

9:45am - 11:00am Room Z209 / Main Auditorium

Social innovation is the process of creating and enacting new ideas to address social issues. This plenary explores the role of social innovation in addressing the challenges of sustainable livelihoods.
Christian Seelos

Stanford University

Watanan Petersik

Asia Capital Advisory

Kim Salkeld

HKSAR Government, Efficiency Unit

K. Anil Kumar

Axis Bank Foundation

11:00am - 11:30am Common corridor

11:30am - 1:15pm Room Z209, Room Z205, Room Z207, Room Z211, Room Z206

The AVPN Investment Showcase is a platform to highlight projects in Asia that are supported by our members to the wider community. The showcase will give investors and investees exposure and visibility to other grant-funders, impact investors and possible partners in the region.

1:15pm - 2:15pm Common corridor

2:15pm - 3:45pm Room Z205

This session explores how journeying towards a venture philanthropy approach offers strategic, cross-sectoral and innovative advantages for foundations, thereby, allowing them to maximize their opportunity of producing lasting social impact.
Luciano Balbo

Oltre Foundation

Tomoya Shiraishi

Social Investment Partners

Sergio Urbani

Fondazione Cariplo

Shuichi Ohno

Sasakawa Peace Foundation

2:15pm - 3:45pm Room Z209

Philanthropy is well positioned to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This session will highlight the opportunities and challenges to leverage philanthropic resources in multi-sector partnerships and support the global development agenda.
Shweta Shukla

Kimberly Clark - Asia Pacific

Nicola Crosta

Epic Foundation

Jill Tucker

C&A Foundation

Jeannie Kwok

Medtronic International Ltd.

2:15pm - 3:45pm Room Z207

The idea of doing good not just well has become a realistic possibility. Panellists will bridge the gap between the philosophical and the practical to understand how one can combine the two to improve social impact efforts beyond microfinance.
Vishal Mehta

Lok Advisory Services

Jessica Matthews

Cambridge Associates

Lindy Lek

Social Impact Partners Limited (SIP)

Ronie Mak

RS Group

Nicholas John Lazos

Insitor Management

2:15pm - 3:45pm Room Z211

Leadership is crucial to the success of social enterprises, and yet, it is systematically overlooked. This session will discuss practical takeaways in hiring, developing and retaining leadership talent in social enterprises.
Richard Gomes

Shell Foundation

Michael Norton

Spring Impact

Abbie Jung

Synergy Social Ventures

Abhijit Ray

Unitus Capital

Deepak Menon

Village Capital

3:45pm - 4:30pm Common corridor

4:30pm - 5:45pm Room Z209 / Main Auditorium

As Myanmar emerges from almost five decades of military rule, its politics and society are moving towards a new, democratic future. This plenary looks at how a multi-sector collaboration approach supports Myanmar’s inclusive economic and social development.
Lara Setrakian

News Deeply

Prof. Dr. Aung Tun Thet

Yangon University of Economics

Mi Mi Myo Win

British Council Myanmar

Barbara Bauer

Partnership for Change

Cynthia Wu

Shin Kong Life Foundation

5:45pm - 6:15pm

Zarina Screwvala

Swades Foundation

6:15pm - 6:30pm Room Z209 / Main Auditorium

Kevin Moon


Doris Leung

Diamond Cab

6:30pm - 7:30pm Driveway

7:30pm - 9:00pm Spasso at TST

Spasso - Italian Bar Restaurant Terrace