Wonyoung Kim
Executive Director, Crevisse Partners


Wonyoung is a founding member of Crevisse Partners since 2006 and a Crevisse-born executive. Crevisse Partners is an impact ventures group for social innovation and social entrepreneurs. He has expertise in corporate operation and incubation of young entrepreneurs. His vision is to discover social entrepreneurs and help them build their business successfully.

The Impact Ventures Program (“IVP”), an investment program of Crevisse Partners, aims to discover, invest and build capability for impact businesses in area of education, environment, endowment, and entertainment. Wonyoung manages operation of social enterprise incubation and helps each business build a legal entity, plan and forecast finance, value up a company and prepare for investment.

He has invested in impact businesses; D3 Jubilee an impact investment firm (Clients: GreenCar, Hopemakers), Eduplex Education a self-learning education company (100 branches in Korea), Musical Mobydick a 2012 Seoul Musical Festival innovation award winning actor-musician musical (2012 The Musical Awards, 2011 Korea Musical Award), BringYourCup a brand for promotion of tumblers and mobile service platform, Frientrip a travel platform to inspire people to experience the world.

Wonyoung serves as chair of corporate management committee of Crevisse, board of directors of Crevisse Partners, and board of directors of Tree Planet.

He holds Master of Business Administration from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology on Social Entrepreneurship and holds Bachelor of Business Administration from Yonsei University.

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