David Willson
Co-Founder, The Foundation for Talented Youth


David has been an entrepreneur for over two decades, much of this in the technology space. Over the years he has worked in over 40 countries.

More recently, David's focus has turned towards working to bring entrepreneurship skills to high school students in Taiwan and to working with them to help put control of their lives into their own hands.

His organisation (www.FoundationForTalentedYouth.com) works with youth in Taiwan from all sectors of society, including youth in detention centers, orphanages and indigenous villages and focuses on teaching Critical and Innovation Thinking, Leadership, Teamwork and Communication skills.

He is also very interested and involved in creating broad-based education reform in Taiwan, in order to start teaching all children skills of relevance to them in the 21st century.

Among other degrees David has an MBA (Bond University), a Masters in Commercial Law (University of Melbourne) and Graduate Diplomas in Managing Law Firms (University of Melbourne) and Managing Superannuation Funds (Macquarie University). He studied Chinese at the National Taiwan Normal University for two years, prior to co-founding the Foundation for Talented Youth.

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