Corey Lien
Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman, Asia Pacific B Corp Association (APBCA)


Corey is the Co-Founder & Chief Gardener (CEO), DOMI Earth and Chairperson & Co-Founder, B Lab Taiwan.

In 2013, Corey Lien launched DOMI Earth, an impact innovation company that’s using the tools of business to empower a generation of climate changemakers. Their first mission: to leverage the examples of social movements and exponential technologies to generate rapid, broad-based demand for energy efficiency and renewables. They aim to make saving energy simple and meaningful.

Six months after starting, DOMI was certified as a B Corp, the first in Taiwan to be recognized by the global community of entre- and intrapreneurs working to redefine business success in terms of positive social and environmental impact.

Seeing an opportunity to rally latent energy for impact business around a globally-recognized standard, Corey led a coalition of investors and entrepreneurs to co-found Asia’s first B Lab. The result: Certified B Corporations in Taiwan jumped to 21, the most in the region.

The first two B Corp Asia Annual forums, in 2016 and 2017, have drawn participants from around the world, laying the foundation for a collaborative, international network.

Before becoming an impact entrepreneur, Corey bought, built, and sold a number of companies in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to fashion, including one that he took public in under three years. In the process, he gained a wealth of first-hand experience in the limits of shareholder capitalism and developed both the resolve and tools necessary to continue driving business to become a force for good.

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