Thank you Hong Kong, Hello Thailand!

Thank you for making
AVPN Conference 2016 a huge success!

See you all in Thailand in 2017!

620 Conference Delegates from 39 countries
133 speakers throughout 35 sessions
1800+ connections made via the Connector
1000+ copies of reports distributed

You have made AVPN Conference 2016 Hong Kong truly spectacular!

1. Take a 5 mins survey and help us do better!

Tell us what you liked and what needs to be improved for the conference via the easy survey.

*For participants who have filled up the survey, we will send you the session reports so you will have all the key takeaways from the AVPN conference.

2. Connect to investment showcase teams via Deal Flow Platform
Impressed and inspired by the 30 social purpose organizations? You can continue the conversations with them through our Deal Flow Platform (DFP). I’m sure the teams would be very happy to get connected to you!

If you would like to help your investee organisations gain additional visibility among the AVPN funders, contact us at and we can help you post your investee’s information. We have received very good feedback from you at the AVPN Conference and would be incorporating more functionality into the Dealflow Platform over the coming months


3. Define what works in Venture Philanthropy by sharing your practices

  • Complete the member survey – participants will get an early preview of survey results and we keep you updated on the overall venture philanthropy trends in Asia
  • Set the bar of what works with little effort by partnering with AVPN: we can help you share your own case, write quick portraits along selected questions (e.g. AVPN’s Guide to effective IA assessment) or longer reports based on surveys (e.g. AVPN-DBSF study on social incubation) This creates actionable insights into the five VP practices and helps the entire sector
  • Find our more on


4. Cannot wait until 2017 to talk to us? There are multiple ways that you can engage with AVPN more

  • Sign up for the AVPN events and get connected to other AVPN members
  • Brainstorm an interesting topic with us and co-host a monthly webinar or meetup
  • Invite us to your city to collaborate events and workshops to create a more vibrant community of venture philanthropy and social investing in Asia


The full set of conference photos and session reports will be available in June

AVPN is catalysing the movement from traditional philanthropy to social investing for a more strategic, collaborative and outcome focused approach. Engage with us and be part of the movement!

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About Naba Husain

Naba Husain is an intern at AVPN. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in Economics at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Prior to AVPN, Naba worked at the Center for Global and International Studies at the University of Kansas and volunteered for 8 years at Rainbows United, a non-profit organization that strives to better the lives of children with special needs and their families by providing personalized services and pooling community resources together. She is particularly passionate about poverty alleviation, safe water supply, and human rights efforts.